Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ziegfeld Follies.

Like butterflies from cocoons, Lilyriver and I emerge.

My new project--and no, I'm not done with the sock yet, but I deserve something new, and do not even ask me about the tote bag project--is this mouse pattern from I thought a toy would be a quick, fun project, and while I can't say I was wrong about the fun--quick, not so much. It took me three hours of (admittedly, tired and somewhat distracted) knitting to make the tiny mouse leg at right. I'm using the Lion Brand organic cotton I bought awhile back, and the yarn, while incredibly soft, is kind of a pain to knit with because it's quite loosely plied. I learned how to do a few things to shape the foot, though, so it was time and effort well spent. You can see in the blow up that some of the stuffing peeks through the knitting around the ankle. I'm pretty sure it's the nature of the stitch (this crazy "p2tog tbl" business that made me feel like a real knitter once I deciphered what the hell it meant) and not my un-mad skillz, but we'll see how leg #2 goes.

I'm most excited about the tiny mouse sweater with functional pocket, especially since Lilyriver has forbade my putting clothes on the cat. I'm not saying that I really think pet clothing is a good idea, but come on, y'all, tiny sweaters.

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