Saturday, March 31, 2007

Short Takes II: Southbound and Down

It feels a little strange to take out a project not to work on it but to photograph it for the blog, but I'm inspired by the Bolter's beautiful post about her beautiful finished socks. My shorts are far from finished, but I have made some progress this weekend. I finished the waistband (and the elastic I plan to put in it arrived today!) and now I'm working my way through the long middle section of stockinette, with only one set of increases every twelfth row to look forward to. Things will get much more interesting once I arrive at the crotch (what??), where I get to divide the piece into two rounds and work a bunch of mysterious bar increases. Then I will have to decide whether to follow the pattern and duplicate stitch a cutesy heart on the leg or to dream up some other fun embellishment (or just leave them as they are, since I guess it's possible that hot pink knitted shorts don't need much in the way of decoration). I'll have to give this some thought.
This weekend I also reopened my jewelry (making) box, having finally recovered from the disappointment of last weekend's failed projects. I made several pairs of earrings which I plan to list throughout the week -- tonight I just listed these, but they've so far seen little action. Nonetheless, I'm pleased with them and their perhaps too kitchsy title. We have much to be pleased with here tonight, it seems.

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The Bolter said...

Dear Louisa,

Hopefully the fires of Venus won't keep you from completing the project. You owe me three guineas for the elastic.