Friday, March 16, 2007

lilyriver on demand

Because this whole Etsy venture is still new enough to me that every sale is a narratable event, I'd like to share the pleasure I took in completing my first custom order, a shortened version of my "Swinging Squares" earrings (also the blog's namesake). I was in fact so pleased that I was moved to include an emoticon in the item description of the listing, and now I am moved to repeat it here :) Yay! There -- now I've got that out of my system, hopefully.

In other crafty news, last night I made some serious headway on the plastic bag bag while watching Brokeback Mountain for my Queer Narratives class. I figure it will only take about four more feature-length films to finish it, and then maybe only about four years or so before I figure out what use I can put it to without feeling self-conscious about it...Unfortunately, none of my remaining homework is compatible with my knitting, but this doesn't mean I'm not more interested in deciding which project to start next (I'm thinking either some cute little shorts or a shrug to go with my new H&M sundress) than I am in deciding which feminist reading of pastoral poetry to commit to. I am SO ready for the Great Crafting Spree of 2007, set to begin, let's see...May 23. If I start to associate summer and crafting any more closely, I will probably ending up making this.

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