Friday, March 9, 2007

Needle in the hay

Did I learn my lesson posting about all my unfinished sock projects? The lesson about how I should frigging stop buying yarn? No I did not. Another eBay non-steal: three skeins of Lion Brand organic cotton in Cypress. Lilyriver's love of organic food has spread to my yarn. What does "organic" cotton even mean? I mean, yes, I can read what Lion Brand says that it means, but while reading up a bit about this, I found someone making an apt comparison between Lion Brand and Wal-Mart, and we know that Wal-Mart lies. This does not prevent me from shopping at Wal-Mart, that steel-toed boot of oppression on the neck of--well, you name it, Wal-Mart's there. Something tells me Lion Brand's Yarn Empire might be more of a Barbie shoe. This metaphor has gotten away from me.

What's attractive to me about the LB organic yarn is, of course, the color palette; I've been crushing hard on earth tones lately (forays into Kool-Aid notwithstanding), and I love the idea that this color was produced in the growing process. As far as colors go, the real winner in that line is Bark, in terms of saturation and loveliness, but I think Cypress will suit the washcloth project I have in mind. --Oh, drat. I just saw the care instructions. Hand wash only. fjdlasjf;ldjasl;j

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