Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sitten here knitten my mitten, kitten.

I finished these mittens awhile ago, but I am moved to post evidence of completed projects instead of evidence that I buy a lot of yarn. I have made many, many socks (I cannot, however, say that I have made many pairs of socks), and mittens are, of course, in the same vein, but not something I had tried before. I made them out of stash yarn, which made the project doubly satisfying. Technically, I think, aside from a few bits around the thumb gusset, I did fine, but I miscounted the stripe rows, and one gray stripe turned out slightly larger than the other. For my next pair, I think I'll either reduce the stitch count or use smaller needles, because these are slightly too large. I used this pattern in the adult female size and supplemented a few unclear parts (i.e., the direction of the increase stitches on the thumb gusset) with the pattern in Knitting for Peace (a fine book, whatever you think of charity knitting). Oh, one last adjustment: I used size 3 dpns instead of 4s because I didn't have 4s.

Wearing the finished mittens makes me feel like high-fiving people. Alas: almost as soon as I finished them, it became too warm for them.

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