Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pepsi One: Can 4

I have spent many an hour painting today, and many miles to go before I sleep. It turns out that painting around the trim is approximately 98734543798 times easier than using the roller across the walls. The last time we painted this bathroom, I did the rolling and, reasoning that it was easier to spread more paint than eke out a little, I caused quite a few drip marks, which I'm suffering for now. Suffering both because I can't quite sand them away so they're besmirching my current efforts, and also because my consequent change in strategy means that I'm pressing the roller like crazy to get a thin coat and my palms are blistering. It feels too late to give in to the drip marks. And yesterday it became undeniably clear that a second coat will be necessary-- I imagined I'd get it all done today, but it's 8pm and I still have a bit of the first coat to finish. For that matter, every five minutes I have to leave the room entirely to let the sweat evaporate a little. I'm thinking about that scene in X-Men where the anti-mutant senator, post-torture, wades nakedly up the beach, drained of color, and I can't understand how I could have sweated so very much and still have big legs. Something should have washed away.

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The Bolter said...

You are suffering for your art, man. I'm so impressed with the blisters. If it weren't creepy, I'd ask you to photograph them and load them to the blog. I remember that scene in X-Men, and I wince on your behalf. When they paint on TV, it seems so easy.