Saturday, March 24, 2007


DAMN DAMN DAMN. I finally finished the leg of the tweed sock. I did the heel flap. I knitted about twenty rows of the gusset. And then, while reading tales of knitting horror stories over at the Knitter's Review forums, I realized that I FORGOT TO TURN THE HEEL. I'll have to frog the project back to the heel flap and do it all again. This is not the first time I've forgotten to do a heel flap, either. I hate frogging. I do, however, love the verb.

I really shouldn't complain; at least it's not a sweater that's almost done.

Oh! A happy end, of sorts: Brittany, the maker of the needles I snapped last week, apparently will replace broken needles for free. I'll be happy to have the shorter needles again because it makes the knitting go a bit faster. I think for my next pair of socks, I'm going to try size 1s (2.25 mm--some needle makers call size 2.50mm 1s, but mine are the smaller size). I still think 2s are too big, but the 0s take for-flipping-ever. How people have the patience to knit intricate sweaters is beyond me. Apparently, you can get needles down to size 00000000 (.50mm)--that's eight zeros, folks, and I can only imagine that's like knitting with a strand of hair.

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