Thursday, March 29, 2007

Painted ladies, pt. II

Today I continued my painting around the trim and added the edges along the ceiling. The slightly strange device that I used for working around the trim is actually intended for corners-- there are two flat, fiber-y panels at a right angle-- so those are going, too. What else is happening is that I'm sweating so much (glowing) that the newspapers I have covering the floor are sticking to my legs and ripping when I try to peel them off. Again my DIY skill set and my desired results are irreconcilable. To do a second coat or not? I think about nail polish, and the occasional uneven, sheer spots that might be improved with another coat, and then I think about the horrifying bubbles when the second coat goes awry and I look like I have toe fungus. I don't want a fungused bathroom. And I suspect painting interiors is not like knitting a sock, where you can note a misstep and back up or abandon it entirely. Lord knows I've abandoned scarves in my time, but it's very complicated to brush my teeth in the bathroom as it is, and I don't know how much longer it'll feel like camp.
Moreover, I'm worried that I can't smell the paint.

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