Friday, March 23, 2007

Short Takes

After a week of intense intellectual application, the kind I suppose I'm meant to relish but which has actually left me feeling a bit weak and listless, I dove back into my big box of crafts last night after seminar. Unfortunately either none of the ideas I'd been storing up for days and days were feasible or my few skills totally failed me; in any case I used up two hours and eight inches of sterling wire and came away with nothing to show for them except a few half pairs of sick-looking earrings. I was forced to retreat to the old plastic bag bag, my most mindless project of them all, but at least this meant I was able better to enjoy our evening of delicious TV on DVD.
Tonight I'm hoping for better results, as I have finally committed myself to the little knitted shorts, for which I'm using a free Knitpicks pattern and their Shine Sport cotton yarn in Orchid. As you can see, I'm still working through the ribbed waistband, but I can say already that the Shine Sport yarn is at least as delicious as good TV on DVD. Though it's still early to count on success, I'm hoping these will be the perfect pajamas for my first summer in our sweltering New Jersey apartment-box. And if I really apply myself, perhaps I can finish them by Sunday and wear them when we go to meet at the train station the prospective English grad student we're going to host! Because nothing says "Yes, by all means, come to grad school!" like uncomfortable displays of eccentricity.

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