Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Since Rainsend tagged our blog (I feel so included! I guess blog rings really work after all!), I've decided that replying should be my first official act of summer. Technically, summer started yesterday after we turned in our papers, and I guess the Goodwill excursion, TV marathon, and ice cream binges were pretty summery acts...but this is the first day entirely free of academic writing, so here is some entirely non-academic writing. Here we go.

7 Things About Jellenifer:

7. (This one has a special limited audience.) I am not now, nor have I ever been, knitting the kitten a sweater.

6. I'm a terrible, hesistant, erratic driver. It's a miracle I've never been in a real accident. I think the problem began early: at 9, I ran my bike into a stop sign. (No, they don't have moving stop signs in Ohio.)

5. If I listen to music while walking, I have to walk in rhythm (with my left foot on the down beat). This strangely does not apply when I'm jogging.

4. I twist my hair, sometimes even in public, sometimes even in class. I worry it's an obnoxious habit, but I can't stop. I'm doing it right now.

3. In high school I ate an orange every day as part of my lunch. I was really proud that I could peel them all in one piece, and I liked the smell of the peels so much I would save little bits of them in my locker and coat pockets.

2. If I sit in one position too long and especially if I squat down to look at a bottom bookshelf or something else low to the ground, I black out when I stand up and it takes a good ten or twenty seconds for my vision to return. The official internet self-diagnosis is orthostatic hypotension, but I think mostly I just need to drink more water.

1. A confession: I know so few other bloggers that the second half of this process (the tagging of other bloggers) will have to be deferred until I can find some people to tag...

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