Saturday, May 19, 2007

Summer preview edition!

Pretty soon, faithful Reader, there will be more posts of joy for you. For example, I have finished one of my stripey socks and am about to turn the heel on the other, and I'm about halfway done with the foot of my Knitting Vintage sock, and--and!--Lilyriver has successfully done a short-row heel on her Knitting Vintage sock. We have plenty of projects in store which, no doubt, will be copiously, and perhaps needlessly, blogged for you, including a tank top, felted clogs, and jewelry from Lilyriver, some mittens and a lace scarf from me*, socks socks SOCKS, perhaps a Clapotis or two...and maybe even more yarn dyeing, if you're lucky.

In the meantime, I will offer you a little Googletainment in the form of a keyword that someone used to get to our blog:

*And, god help me, I have the pattern and the yarn picked out for my first sweater. But we'll see if I get there any time soon. This will not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me, but I really enjoy endlessly planning projects, possibly more than actually doing them. For an example of a more responsible crafter, we might look to Lilyriver, who wisely looks no more than a project or two into the future.

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