Tuesday, May 22, 2007


  1. I learned to knit my first year in college in a class with Lilyriver and Rachel. I was the last person in the class to figure out how to do it and I'm pretty sure the woman had despaired that I ever would. But I did, eventually, and that winter I knit approximately 430284038204 hats.
  2. I read Jurassic Park 11 times in fifth grade. I rewrote (or, rather, began a rewrite of) Jurassic Park to incorporate a new character named Liz (then my favorite name), who was a thirteen-year-old math genius (I wanted to be Malcolm). I wrote about fifty pages in double spaced, 12 pt., dark blue New Courier bold.
  3. Until I hit seventh grade, I did all my computer writing in 12 pt. dark blue New Courier bold. ETA: My mother expressed some concern for my font choice, but I reassured her that I now actually kind of hate Courier. I do, however, like faux-antique typewriter fonts.
  4. I also began a story about two identical twins, one good and one evil. Their names were Dana and Delaney. (My mom loves China Beach.)
  5. When I was very young, I had nightmares about an episode of It's Garry Shandling's Show, in which Garry is trapped in a deep manhole in front of his house with a broken leg. I'm afraid to look it up and find out I was actually, like, 12.
  6. I like to read signs backwards. I have decided that if I ever have a soap opera, I am going to set it in a town called Timil Deeps.
  7. I don't really think the cat needs a sweater, but I definitely want Lilyriver to knit him one.


Ellen Harrison said...

Interesting info I'm learning...and I didn't even have to read your diary. Although I think instead of Jurassic Park you really meant something about Chad and Whitney, no? And no, I don't have a blog so you can't retaliate with reminders of a certain obsession that someone with my name might have once had, although it can never be proven.

The Bolter said...

hmm, true, you don't have a blog. you do, however, have a facebook wall. and i know your facebook password since i set up your account and all. ergo, i can tell everyone about your secret obsession with oprah and steadman.

Simon M. said...

Like woah. I never knew most of that stuff.