Friday, May 11, 2007

Dialectic dichotomy word salad.

Good news: I kitchenered the toe for my first sock out of the Regia Canadian Classic Eclipse...Christ almighty, I need to learn a shorthand way of writing that out, because I also have RCFC Winnipeg and RCC Brasil and it's hard enough to keep track of my 43280483209 potential projects. Anyway! Good news: I kitchenered the toe for my first sock out of blahblahblah.

Bad news: Um, I somehow dropped a stitch while doing it. I may not be an adventurous or particularly skilled knitter, but I have kitchenered a lot of toes and haven't dropped a stitch doing it before. I will admit that I was up until 5:30 last night grading exams (stupidly, so stupidly; totally my fault I was up that late) and today I'm wandering around in a bit of a fog. I was walking to the kitchen to refill my coffee mug and took a drink of what was left in the cup and actually somehow forgot how to swallow properly. I definitely dribbled coffee down the front of my shirt. I do that on a good night's sleep, though, as Lilyriver will undoubtedly attest.

Good news, the sequel: Dropped stitch aside, the sock looked really cute with one of my many, many clogs.

Bad news, the sequel: But I totally had to rip it back. I frogged about two inches of the damn thing. I probably could have rigged something up, but I figured I may as well do it right. We'll see how long this kind of ethical crafting lasts.

Good news, Part III, and unless it's Prisoner of Azkaban, you know that's not really a good thing: This will allow me to correct a couple of other errors. First of all, one of my feet is slightly longer than the other (like, by a quarter of an inch or so), and I always forget which it is, and apparently, while sizing this sock, I picked the wrong one. So the sock worked on one foot, but it was a stretch, so to speak, on the other, unless I wanted to risk its untimely death. Secondly, and this is why I ripped it back so far, there were a couple of loose stitches that I had hoped would even out when I washed the socks, for a penny, in for a pound.

I hope these socks appreciate what I've done for them. I am so tired of this yarn, you guys.

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