Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Supply your own "monkey" pun. I can't do all the work.

Finis. Thank the dear lord baby Jesus. These are my Monkey socks in Koigu. I should have known that these socks would move along so slowly; they're called "Monkeys," and people who know me know that I have been rather vocal about my dislike of the dirty, nasty creatures.

Malodorous monkeys aside, I'm not sure why finishing these was so much like pulling teeth. Koigu is an excellent yarn--the base is smooth and elastic & durable and substantial without being scratchy, and the variegated colors are ingeniously done. I changed my mind about whether or not I liked the colors approximately 403280493820 times while I worked on the socks (ultimate verdict: B+), but I can, in any case, appreciate the artistry involved. The pattern is a Cookie A, and it's simple, but charming enough to sustain interest through 25 pattern repeats in greater folk than I. This sock pattern is the most popular one on Ravelry, probably because it's a Cookie A, it's not very difficult--and, as it was designed specifically for variegated yarn, it gives one something to do with all of those hand-dyed sock yarn skeins internet-savvy knitters are required by law to purchase from "indie dyers." I don't think this pattern is quite as clever as some of Cookie's other patterns, but it's clever enough.

In any case, really, I'm glad to be done with these because it means I can start something else. (I did put these socks down for about a week to do another top secret project, but I can't tell you about it, because then I would have to--well, you know the drill.) Right now, I have about half a dozen projects in the queue. I think next up are some more mittens, but on the horizon is a sweater project. Don't even get me started on the yarn woes for that one. Let's just say that some people, namely me, never learn when it comes to bargain hunting.

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