Thursday, July 26, 2007

a short honeymoon

The best thing about finishing this is the freedom it's given me to move on to other less doomed projects. I thought about making this for months and months, bought the yarn, used it for something else, bought another yarn, bought more of it with the intention of devoting it to another since-abandoned project idea, and just generally dithered about the whole thing until my co-craftblogger finally, and rightly, told me to just cast the hell on already. I did, and I feel better now that it's over.

The only problem is that's Jaeger Trinity, way on sale at Webs and very cool-looking, in just the bright shade of yellow my mom loves to see me in. But after I started investigating it on Ravelry, I became convinced that there is no way it's not going to stretch out and render my poor little cami unwearable. But I pressed on anyway since I didn't know what else I would ever do with such dangerous yarn, and the finished product looks pretty good, for now anyway. After a day's wear, I did detect the stretching I was dreading, so I took it off, stuck it in the closet and haven't thought about it since. And looking back at these photos, it's even boxier than I realized. Damn it, why can't I shift into an appropriately triumphant FO-blog-post tone for just a few minutes?! I have a couple ideas for full-sized sweaters in the works, and my goal is to have a least one clear success before the semester starts.

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Rachel said...

Whatever, lady. I think it's really cute as a layer. Boxy, my ass.