Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yarn yearnings: YThe yaccidental yconsumer.

Through various accidents of fate, I have wound up with:
  1. 1 ball Regia Canadian Colors Eclipse (#4745).
  2. 2+ hanks Lorna's Laces Motherlode.
You may notice that neither colorway are ones I identified as having wanted in my previous yarn post. The LL came from a blog sale, and I got a great deal; the Regia from eBay, when I resolved that I would get the Canadian Colors Brasil--but the only seller listing it couldn't find her last ball, so I agreed to let her substitute the Eclipse instead.

No more yarn, seriously. No more yarn.

P.S. I finished a sock this morning. I swear the yarn is getting used. Just...not as quickly as I acquire it. Get ready for A Summer of Crafting Mania! (TM).

P.P.S. Don't tell my mom, but I switched scarf patterns. She totally looked! (It's genetic.) Also I decided I didn't like the Knitty pattern after all.

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