Monday, April 23, 2007

Part Two: Sock Patterns, or Socks As Traffic Violations

I think I've decided what kind of socks I want to make with my Lorna's Laces: Jaywalkers, by Grumperina. I would like to take a moment to register my annoyance with people/publications who do their sample socks in variegated yarn. You cannot see what a garment looks like if it's done in busy yarn! I mean, my LL yarn is by no means for the faint of heart, but...I'm just knitting for myself. I only know really what the Jaywalkers are really supposed to look like because tons of people have knitted them. At any rate, it turns out that someone on Flickr has already done Jaywalkers in the LL Motherlode colorway, so you, Reader, and I can have an idea of what my proposed Jaywalkers will look like (I hope). The pattern, in case it isn't clear, makes zig zag stripes; normally, the yarn would knit up something like this. I have no clue what that person did to make the yarn photograph like it has a cold, but the colors are truer in the Jaywalker photo.

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