Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Part III: Pictorial Motifs from The needles excellency

I have saved the best for last, Reader. While I was looking through The needles excellency, I was startled to find this design:

Why was I so surprised, you ask? Does it contain the text of Cardenio in its little squares? Does it prove the existence of the Knights Templar once and for all? That Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone??!!!!

No. I hope you're not disappointed, Reader, because it's better than all of those things. You see, the picture was already hanging on my wall:

My aunt made this when she was in high school, and after we cleaned out my grandmother's house, it went to me. My grandmother was an excellent crafter, and my aunt is, too, and they're both responsible for my continued (if all-thumbs) interest in knitting*. And, it turns out, seventeenth-century needlework. My aunt says she found the design in an old Dover pattern book. Isn't it neat to see it in color?

*Nana taught me how to crochet a long time ago, among other things. Unfortunately, I think I never learned how to crochet much more than rectangles, but you'd be surprised at how well crocheted rectangles work as Barbie gowns. My aunt sent me her knitting needles, crochet hooks, and other supplies, all of which are in heavy use at Casa Swinging Squares.


Holly said...

What a wonderful find....I can picture you looking at the illustration and then running to yours to compare.

randeep said...



Susie said...

1) Looks like your aunt did it backwards. Ha. LOL. Awwww, I'm kidding around. But seriously, I think you should do a remake, with like contrary colors or something and have a cool set of the scene.

2) Having now watched National Treasure, I believe the Knights Templar! Lets go dig under Pennington Lane in Trinity Church.