Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Part II: Pictorial motifs from The needles excellency

Lest you think I have forgotten you, Reader--well, I have not. The needles excellency doesn't contain many pictorial motifs that would be knit-daptable, so, um, these are kind of weird.

The birds are kind of cute. The flowers on the right scream "Feed me, Seymour!" to me and also look vaguely dirty.
And on the off chance you have some Renaissance Faire hunters on ye knite liste:
Why that, um, hunting dog (?) on the left has a pelican beak, I do not know. Maybe it is really a jackalope. Oh, wait, no, I guess it's a hare looking backwards at a hunting dog that is roughly the size of a man. I know people were shorter back then, but that's a little ridiculous.

One more part to go in this scintillating series!1!!one!!1

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randeep said...

Sniff. I love you. Sniff. I shall be bookmarking your posts!

Just saw Chris Bench this weekend, and he asked after you.

In my own adventures in fiber, I am waiting for my first spindle to arrive in the mail. As I'm pretty sure I'll be incapable of actually knitting with stuff I've spun myself, maybe I'll just start sending you mysterious packages in the mail someday.