Monday, February 26, 2007

Shower Ideas/Jogging Ideas

These are the best ideas of all, the ideas that summer to-do lists -- and now craft blog entries! -- are made of. Fair Daphne -- I mean, The Bolter -- has wisely suggested I list something besides earrings in my shop to draw in more customers. I'd considered trying a pendant, but I don't think that any of my tiny, fragile new jewelry-making skills would produce a pendant I wouldn't be embarrassed to list. But today in the shower, I had a vision of a really fun and possibly wearable bracelet I could make! Okay, to be honest, I had the idea for the NAME of the bracelet before I had the vision. Does that seems backwards? I may try to produce this bracelet tonight, if I can possibly justify it.

Also on our summer to-do (or rather to-try) list: hand-sewn knitting needle holders, made to be sold at reasonable prices. Have you ever priced these things? I don't care how fancy their fabric it, these people are kidding themselves.

I also want to make myself a perfect little pencil case and finish the two blankets I'm working on and find a quick and easy pattern for good grocery bags so that we can carry our own to the store and stop accumulating the plastic ones, which are currently filling up our broom closet like so many non-biodegradable skeletons. I'm trying to knit them into one big plastic bag bag, but it seems I can't knit fast enough to stem the tide.

Does that seem like too many projects for one summer?

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