Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Etsy Experiment

So I'm up to 21 items in my Etsy store, and 5 items sold (one still awaiting payment by money order). I gather those are pretty good stats for a first week, but I'm a pretty insecure person, and I just want proof that people LIKE me... I've been lurking in the forums there a lot and so far I've gathered that it takes more self-promotion than I'm used to doing and possibly more talent than I have available to be really successful -- but I'm not aiming for a profit so much as a positive Paypal balance.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a crafting blog, not an insecurities/finances blog. So! Besides the earrings, I'm also working through an obsession with knitted headbands. I've done one in purple that's essentially several very long rows of stockinette stitch. It rolls up and ties around my head (so far it only ties around my head inside the apartment -- if it makes it outside or, better yet, makes it through a day without ending up stuffed in the bottom of my bag, we'll know we have a winner.) I also finished a light green cabled headband, but it accidentally turned out man-sized, and I don't know any men to whom I could offer a green cable headband. So that one is definitely indoors only.

Re: the Craft Fight with the Bolter -- it was just like a Girl Fight, except instead of bite marks and scratches, it ended with a pair of earrings named after a Coleridge poem. Before long, we'll be narrating our crafting adventures as Pastoral Comedies.

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The Bolter said...

I can say with perfect certainly that there will be NO ANYTHING named after pastoral comedy.