Sunday, January 20, 2008

desperate times

The plummeting temperature of our apartment has us wondering if we shouldn't abandon our current projects and instead put all our efforts into knitting some gd INSULATION.

Not to dramatize the situation here, but I've literally had to take breaks from typing between these tiny paragraphs to warm up my hands. I guess if I can't actually knit insulation for the apartment, I could do the next best thing and knit some insulation for my mittens.

Or I could abandon absolutely everything and follow the example of one Raveler who posted today about knitting herself a coffin. I bet it would be warm in a knitted coffin.


Sarah said...

Oh no!!! Is the heater broken, or are the walls just too thin? Maybe you could type while wearing your coats! I'm sorry, that really sucks!

Jenny said...

How dreadful! I'm so sorry you've been so cold. I was without heat for a couple weeks this winter. All I could think of was how cold I was! Donning lots of woolly knitwear did help a little. I sure hope you're warming up!