Sunday, December 23, 2007

Waiting for Godot.

Silence for so long, and then a pictureless post? I know; it's terrible. I promise not to make you any promises, Reader, since we know how good I am at fulfilling them. But you have a right to know of avery important development since I last wrote to you: I have decided--and this is not a decision I entered into lightly--I have decided--perhaps you'd better sit down--to sell all of my yarn and take up the noble art of Moon Sand instead.

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Sarah said...

Nooo, don't do it!

I haven't kept my blogging promises at all. I plan on updating with pictures sometime tonight...

My dad's scarf, the Irish Hiking, is only a third of the way done...I'm not going to make it. I'm just going to have to show him the work-in-progress. I'm also working on an equally lengthy but triply wide shawl thing for my grandma for tomorrow, but it's in garter stitch so it goes a lot faster...but still, not even halfway there! No scarves next year for Christmas. At all.

Your cats are doing well, by the way! They're both so cute. Hazel makes tiny meows and Joe purrs a lot. Oh yeah...I hung your tote bags in the closet. Long story involving Hazel...but it was cute too!