Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Last of the Time Lords.

There have been some complaints, Reader, about the late scarcity of posts that feature actual knitting, as opposed to chatter about yarn shopping*. Well**--I do take the point. Thus, as your happiness is of paramount importance to me, I offer you one completed pair of Nikki Sixx-inspired Knucks.

Specs: 1 skein of Jo Sharp Silk Road DK Tweed, in some browny color I'm too lazy to look up. This yarn is the same as the Queensland Kathmandu I have already noted that I love (really, it's the same; I don't know what the deal is, but the Queensland Kathmandu comes from the same manufacturer and is generally a dollar or two cheaper--or more, if you find it on closeout at Webs...). I'm giving some thought to using this yarn in the far distant future*** for the Katharine Hepburn Cardigan. Anyway, the Knucks pattern is genius; it's knit fingers-down, which seemed to me to be a cockamamie scheme if I've heard one, but it worked out well enough. I somehow managed to do the gusset in a different way on each glove. It's not terribly noticeable and doesn't affect the fit, so I've decided it doesn't matter. They are a gift for a non-knitter who will, I hope, forgive me. I hope she's feeling kind about my elementary embroidery skills, too. Maybe I should redo the "8" before I send them.

I do hope Lilyriver will soon post about the very excellent hat she knitted me for my birthday; I may otherwise have to take matters in my own hands.

*I realized today--yesterday--well, see below; time is relative--that I have been buying yarn in various shades of green, to the extent that I am in serious danger of becoming mightily sick of green before I've even knitted up a skein of it. Okay, that's totally a lie; really, what I'm feeling is the strong desire to buy some more yarn--maybe this time in a rich blue.
**Hey, Daylight Savings Time just happened! I've been watching Doctor Who on and off all day and am feeling especially inclined to believe I have just gone back in time.
***Spring Forward?


Sarah said...

Those are so awesome!!! I like the yarn, and the embroidery looks good! The Hepburne pattern is really cute, too.

My hand is basically better, although it protests some when I try to pick heavy things up and put pressure on the actual tendon. There's no more shooting pain though...which is always a good sign. I may knit a little tonight if I ever finish this presentation. I really need to learn how to knit socks so that I can pick those up when my hand hurts again. From the video on socks at, it doesn't seem that hard...(I say that now. You'll hear the ranting two blocks away when I actually get started, I'm sure).

Sarah said...

I forgot to mention...about my feet...they're really more like ten and a half, and an eleven in running shoes. I really believe you're more on the average side than me; my extremities seem very...extreme. In any case, I also forgot to mention happy birthday!!!