Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dear Abby,

Is it possible to accidentally buy yarn?

I realize that this entails, say, the googling of "yarn shop," and a few errant keystrokes in the sale section of Knitch, but--you know, given enough monkeys and enough typewriters, you get Hamlet, right? It's harder to explain one's wallet accidentally unzipping and one's credit card number accidentally appearing on screen, but weirder things have happened. Look at Michael Jackson.

Send me your thoughts as soon as possible, c/o debtor's prison.

Not That This Has Happened To Me Or Anything

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Sarah said...

Eh, um, you know, it's so funny, the same thing happened to me just now! But I bought this book called "Folk Mittens," not yarn. (Which, by the way, I could accidentally or purposefully loan to you.) It's a strange coincidence that both of our unexplainable purchases are knitting-based, no? Look at Michael Jackson, indeed.